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The Best Auto Parts You Can Find in Salvage Yards

Car salvage yard in FloridaAny Florida resident will tell you that driving is the only reliable form of transportation in this state. Public transportation may be reliable in the larger metro areas, but smaller towns spread across this large state far outnumber big cities, meaning that most of the population has to rely on a car. This means that Floridians have to maintain their vehicles in order to maintain our lifestyles.

Keeping up with a car can be tough and expensive work, though. How are you supposed to keep up with these complex machines that we use every single day and still keep to a tight monthly budget? The truth is that repairs and replacement parts can be pricey, which is why a salvage junk yard in Florida is an excellent place to find usable auto parts in good condition. A large supply of vehicles and car parts means that you can find some pretty excellent stuff. Here are some amazing finds you can come across for your vehicle.


Working electrical products may be unexpected finds, but perfectly usable batteries can be found in some intact junkyard vehicles. Batteries are common replacements that can cost drivers over $100 each time a battery dies, leaks, or fails. Some repair companies can charge you over double that price to switch out a dead or dying battery with a new one. Finding a battery yourself at a low price can save you big money. If you choose to take a replacement battery to keep with you, you can save yourself the trouble of being stuck or stalled with a dead battery far away from any service stations.


Used tires are often not recommended by experts—some of these “experts” being tire salesmen trying to convince you to drop up to $1,000 on top-of-the-line replacements—but in reality, you can find good, gently-used tires that fit your vehicle or vehicles in a salvage yard. You would be surprised how many practically-new vehicles end up in salvage yards to be recycled. Even if you think that used tires have a shorter lifespan, you would have to go through several salvaged tires to match the cost of a single new set! Also, keep in mind that some people are forced to drive on dangerous, old tires because new ones are simply beyond their means at the moment. Finding good tires in a salvage yard means that you can sidestep the exorbitant costs of brand-new ones and safely switch out the damaged rubber you have.

Foreign or Rare Parts

Salvage wheel rims in FloridaThese excellent finds deserve a category of their own. If you own an Impala, Saturn, or other vehicle make that is no longer in production, you can have a nightmare of a time finding new replacement parts. Some automotive repairmen can charge you everything you have to hunt down these pieces when you need them.

The same applies if you own a Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, or other vehicle made overseas. Vital engine parts like gaskets and cranks may only be made in foreign factories, so if you need to get your foreign vehicle back in working order, you can find yourself at the mercy of a slow, expensive shipping process—that is, unless you can hunt down these parts in a salvage yard. When you choose to visit a salvage junk yard, you spend a short amount of time hunting to save big money.

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