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The Best Way to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

Do you have an unsightly junk car sitting in your yard or driveway? Are you tired of insuring a car that barely runs? Are the neighborhood squirrels enjoying your vehicle more than you do? If the reasons for getting rid of a car outweigh all the reasons for keeping it, it’s time to ask the question, “how do I sell my junk car for cash in Fort Myers?” U Pull & Save has the answers you need to get cash for your clunker.We Buy Cars Fort Myers FL

Why Call U Pull & Save?

The number one reason junk car owners call us is because we buy cars. In fact, we buy any car. We pay cash for junk cars, mediocre cars, rusty cars, and even pretty cars. We buy foreign cars, domestic cars, big cars, and small cars. No car gets turned away from our salvage yard. Running, wheezing, shaking, or not moving at all—give us a call today to get a cash quote for your vehicle.

Every car can be turned into dollars fast with U Pull & Save. We work quickly to help our customers get rid of their unwanted cars and get the cash they need. Many of our deals can be turned around in just a few days. If you have a sudden emergency and need cash now or if the time just feels right to move on, our team works hard to get you a quote and arrange for pickup.

Fair Pricing

We offer the best prices for junk cars in the Fort Myers region. Every car has value, regardless of condition, and we never low-ball prices or give generic quotes. When you receive a quote from us, you can be sure that it was prepared thoughtfully and considers factors such as market prices, current metal rates, and other considerations. And, unlike online sales or other types of transactions, once you accept our offer, we guarantee that’s the price you’ll receive when you relinquish the vehicle. As long as you’ve been straightforward with us about the description and condition of your vehicle, you can trust that we’ll keep our end of the bargain. Fair prices, integrity, and excellent customer service are just a few of the reasons we’re the leading salvage yard in the area.

Straightforward Process

Selling your junk car for cash is simple.We Buy Junk Cars Fort Myers FL

  • Call. Just give U Pull & Save a call. Be prepared to provide the details about your car, including make, model, year, and condition. We’re not picky – we buy all cars—but we can’t give a fair quote without good information.
  • Get a Quote. Our team will make you an offer. You have no obligation to accept the offer.
  • Arrange Pick Up. Our team will work with you to make transfer arrangements. If the car is drivable, you might opt to drop it off at our salvage yard. Otherwise, we’ll schedule a tow truck pick up. The driver will remove your car and give you cash.

That’s all there is to it. Just like that, you’ve got cash in your pocket and more room in your driveway.

Get an Offer Now

Don’t wait any longer. Get an offer today. We pay cash for old cars in Fort Myers, FL. Call U Pull & Save today.


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