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The Most Common Vehicles Found at Junkyards

Many people are under the impression that junk yards are a good place only for non-working or very old cars. However, at U Pull & Save, we know that this is simply not true. However, what is true is that you can have a car that works or needs only minor repairs and still want to get rid of it. People have different reasons for buying and selling cars, which is why we are never too surprised at what people bring in to us. As a few examples, here are some of the common types of vehicles you might find at a junkyard.

Vintage Models

Since all cars eventually break down, you are likely to find several different vintage models at a junkyard. You may be able to find one worth restoring, or you can salvage the parts to restore your vintage car. Cars such as the Ford Model A and Chevrolet Bel Air were very common vehicles to have in their day, so there are a lot of them filling up junkyards these days.

Police Vehicles

Have you ever been driving on the freeway, minding your own business, trying to get to work on time, when what looks like a police car comes up behind you or to the side of you? You may have immediately become paranoid that you are speeding or had a broken taillight, but then you got a closer look and discovered that police car was actually just a salvaged old law enforcement vehicle. While many of these vehicles are auctioned off, many of them make their way to junkyards as well. They are usually in good condition when they get here too, so you can find some nice Crown Vics and other old police cars with low miles.

Fire Trucks

For the same reasons that you might find police vehicles at a junkyard, fire trucks are one other item that you might actually see a few of as well. In fact, we know of one college fraternity that grouped together their funds and bought a firetruck from a salvage yard. The brothers then did some minor repairs to spruce it up a bit and used it to drive around town or to events on campus. They even had a Dalmatian mascot that drove around with them. (Don’t worry! The dog was not acquired at a junk yard!)

Luxury Vehicles

This might be the most surprising find at a salvage yard, but you can usually find luxury vehicles and luxury vehicle parts at salvage yards. These beauties make their way to us in a variety of different ways but many times, the rich (and sometimes famous) will donate their vehicles.

This just goes to show that unloading an unwanted vehicle may not always be about getting rid of a car that doesn’t work anymore and it might not even be about getting wads of cash in return for your car. Some people get rid of cars for sentimental reasons and others get rid of them to put them in a better position to get something else. Whatever the reasoning, we are always happy to give cash for junk cars.

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