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The Price Of The Metal Can Affect The Value Of Your Junk Car

The Price Of The Metal Can Affect The Value Of Your Junk Car

When you’re selling a junk car, you’re not looking at resale value anymore. Rather, you’re looking at the valuable parts inside of it. Check out this infographic to see how the metals in your car impact how much you can get for it.

  • Steel – Most of your car is made of steel, so the current value of steel will have a large impact on your car’s value. Currently, the price of steel is on the rise, selling for about $145 per ton.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is used on many parts throughout your car, including the engine, doors, hoods, and rims. Its price will have a moderate impact on your car’s value and currently sells for $0.33 per pound.
  • Iron – If you have an older car, it may have more iron in it than most modern vehicles, so its current market value should be of some concern to you. Iron currently sells for $110 per ton.
  • Copper – Copper makes up many smaller components of your car, including much of the wiring. Since it doesn’t contribute much weight to your car, it doesn’t impact the value much. Copper currently sells for anywhere from $0.71 to $2.68 per pound, depending on the type of copper.
  • Lead – Lead is mainly found in your car’s battery, which is more likely to be salvaged than sold for scrap metal, so it’s unlikely to affect a junk car’s value. It currently sells for $0.17 per pound.

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