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The Process of Selling Car Parts

Selling Some Old Unused Car PartsAre you looking to make a bit of extra money by selling some of your old, unused car parts? It can be a good business as long as you know the business. We at U Pull & Save have a few tips to help you get more cash for your junk car parts.

Sorting Your Parts

It is not worth the effort to try to sell every single part. Don’t bother with the cheap parts or anything in bad condition. If your listings are flooded with cheap, poor-quality pieces, no one will really stop to look for the good stuff. Besides that, if no one buys them, then you wasted your time pulling and listing them, and time is money, after all. Keep a select listing of good-quality items, especially those that are easy to pull. Electronics are usually a good bet as long as they’re in decent condition.

Testing Your Parts

Whether electronic or otherwise, the part needs to work. Before you list anything, make sure it can do the job it’s meant for. Many people skip listings for untested parts, especially those that refuse to give refunds. It is up to you whether or not you want to offer refunds, but the parts should work either way.

Listing Your Parts

Find a reputable business or website to use, such as eBay, and learn its listing process. Then when you get around to writing up your listing, include all the relevant details, mainly the part number, grade, shipping cost, and the type of car you pulled it from. When giving details, be completely honest so that your customer base will learn to trust you. Take several pictures of your parts from different angles to give customers the clearest idea possible about what they’re buying. Also include pictures of connectors or plugs, if applicable. If possible, use a proper camera instead of your phone, and take the photos in good lighting so that they look more professional. Set yourself apart as much as possible by this and other important touches, like using proper spelling and grammar.


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