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Tips for Making the Most Money from Your Salvage Car

Your car may have reached the end of its service life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money by selling it. That old car sitting in your driveway may have the part another car owner needs to complete a repair. Junkyards selling auto parts and salvage in Florida are always seeking to replenish their inventory by purchasing damaged or broken-down vehicles.

But Who’d Want to Buy My Wreck?

Auto salvage yards are treasure troves for classic car enthusiasts, artists, and others who will buy junk cars in Florida. There are some cars that require hard-to-find parts, and repair shops and individuals alike frequently acquire those from salvage yards. You may have totaled your car in a collision, but there may be parts that are salvageable and in good working order that can be used to repair other vehicles. Cheap junkyards are an excellent source for affordable parts.

Artists and crafters often hunt through salvage yards to find interesting and unusual parts that can be repurposed into a useful piece of furniture or artistic creation. Salvage yards recognize that even non-working car parts are a sought-after commodity.

Research Before Choosing a Salvage Yard

Not all salvage yards will offer top price for your vehicle. However, most will consider purchasing your car whether it is running or not.

  • Choose a few Florida junkyards nearby, and call them or check out their website to determine their policies.
  • Be ready to provide details about your car: make, model, and year, and the general condition of the vehicle.
  • Be honest and provide as much information as you can to get the best estimate of what the junkyard will pay for your car.
  • If your car isn’t drivable, ask whether or not the salvage yard will tow it in.
  • Compare your findings. If the salvage yard doesn’t offer a tow for your undrivable vehicle, or charges you a fee for doing so, deduct that amount from the offer estimate and determine which salvage yard is offering the best price.

Know Your Vehicle

Understanding your car’s condition will help you increase the amount of money you’ll make off the sale. For example, there may be specific part failures that caused its demise, but have you recently replaced other parts in the car? For instance, maybe you just put a new fuel pump in a few months ago, or you recently replaced the engine and then totaled your car. Remember, the salvage yard isn’t really interested in the car as a whole, but what they can make off its parts. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Get Your Title in Order

Before delivering your car to the junkyard or arranging for the salvage yard to pick up your vehicle, make sure you have a copy of your title. You’ll need to be able to prove ownership. Be leery of those salvage dealers who don’t require a title. This is a legal transaction, and should be handled in accordance with Florida laws.

Wrecker Yards in Florida

    • Don’t forget to remove your license plates, and check the car carefully for anything that might provide details about financial transactions or other personal details.
  • Remove devices or accessories you want to keep.
  • Follow up in a week to 10 days and ensure the title was transferred, and you are no longer the legal owner of the car.

There are many wrecker yards in Florida, but not all are established and reputable businesses. Before signing your car over to the auto salvager, make sure you are following legal requirements as an owner. Also, most salvage yards will pay cash, if you choose.

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