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Tips for Selling Your Car to a Junk Yard

Junk Yards in FloridaSelling your car to the junk yard is a great way to get something for the value of an older, more worn vehicle. Before you make you way to one of those junk yards in Florida, you should make sure that you’ve done the following things.

Clean It Out

It’s more than just a polite courtesy. You want to make sure that your vehicle has been completely cleared out, with all the personal items and debris taken care of. You don’t want to accidentally leave, say, an ATM receipt that slipped under the driver’s seat. Making sure you do a thorough cleaning job is to protect you. It’s also a polite thing to do.

Sort out the Title

Without the title of your car, you cannot legally sell it. You’ll need to return license plates, cancel your insurance, and officially transfer ownership of the car. To do this easier, without any legal fears, you should make sure you have a title to go with it.

Pick It for Parts

You don’t have to be an auto expert to do a quick search online to find out if there are any valuable used parts associated with your vehicle. If there are, take them out before you sell the car so that you can make some extra cash off of them. This can help you make a little more for a car when the scrap value isn’t through the roof.

Take off the Plates

Coordinating the sale of a car to a junk yard is a little different than selling it to someone else to drive it. It often involves a truck coming to a location to pick up the car, and not always while the owner is around because of scheduling conflicts. To save you and the junk yard some headaches over the matter, you should just be sure to remove the license plates yourself before someone comes to pick up your vehicle.

Use up Your Gas

Selling Your Car to a Junk YardThe car is heading to the junk yard—where it isn’t going to need any gasoline. You’ve already spent the money on the gas, why not use it? Also, the size of the gasoline tank in the vehicle can influence the final price of the car that the junk yard quotes you. If you haven’t used up the gasoline, the junk yard will siphon out the gas before officially scrapping it for parts.

Going to junk yards in Florida to sell your used car can be a great option, depending on your vehicle’s age and condition. Keep these tips in mind to help you be properly prepared for the drop off.

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