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Tips on Selling Your Junk Car for Holiday Cash

Junk Your Car For Holiday CashThe holidays are quickly approaching, and for many people, that often means slightly higher spending for the next month or two. If you’ve got a long list of friends and family you want to buy gifts for, you might be worried about having enough money to get them all something meaningful. This blog will give you some tips on how to quickly get holiday cash for cars in Fort Myers, FL, so that you can get something for everyone on your nice list.

Get a Quote on the Phone

Driving your junk car around (or worse, towing around one that doesn’t run) to multiple lots to get quotes isn’t precisely a time-efficient way to sell your car. Instead, look for lots like ours, where you can get a quote for your old car right over the phone. We’ll ask a few questions about your car, such as the make and model, as well as its condition. Then, we’ll give you a quote over the phone to decide quickly whether or not the offer is something you’re interested in.

It’s also a good idea to get multiple quotes. Find as many places as you can to give you a quote without bringing the car to them. This will ensure you get the best price for your car as quickly as possible.

Have It Hauled Away

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, do you have time to deal with getting a car that doesn’t run down to the scrapyard yourself? Probably not. That’s why we offer towing service. We’ll get your junk car and tow it to our lot for you—and we’ll do it for free so that you can keep more cash in your pocket for holiday shopping. After all, what’s the point of selling your car for the money if you have to give half that money back to get them to take the car?

Upfront Payment

Trade Your Car For Cash

You want cash fast? You can hardly go out and buy those Christmas gifts if you’re waiting weeks for the payment on your car to be processed. We provide you with cash in hand when we come to pick up your old car. Once you wave goodbye to your old car, you can head out to get your holiday shopping done right away.

No Listing Hassle

Speaking of waiting forever to get paid, trying to sell a junker through the classifieds is a sure way to be left waiting for that cash you need. You’ll probably be celebrating Christmas in July if you try to sell a junk car this way. Cleaning up your car (as much as you can clean up a beater), taking photos, listing it, waiting for someone to express interest, and showing the car to buyers can take weeks—and there’s still no guarantee it’ll sell. Selling to a scrapyard is faster and more comfortable, and there’s little doubt that they’ll buy your junker. We buy cars in every condition, running or not, so the odds are high that we’ll take your car too.

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if cash is tight. Getting rid of your junk car shouldn’t be another stressor on your shoulders right now. Selling your car to a scrapyard is the fastest, easiest way to get holiday cash quickly. Whether you want to buy something special for that one person or buy something for everyone on your list, you can get the cash to do just that from U Pull N Save. We buy junk cars in Florida no matter what condition they’re in, so give us a call and get a quote on your car today!

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