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Tips To Get the Best Parts in a Junkyard

A cheap junkyard in Fort Myers, FL, like U Pull & Save, is an invaluable resource for used auto parts. If you’re working on a car project, you’ll need parts as well as the savviest place to get them is a salvage yard. Why?

  • OEM. When you want a part that will fit perfectly and work the way it’s supposed to work, you can’t beat an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part. Unlike aftermarket substitutes, you know exactly what you’re getting with an OEM part. And here’s the thing: the cars at the salvage yard are filled with OEM parts that work just fine. For example, you might find a car that was rear-ended and totaled by insurance but that still has an engine, headlights, and other parts at the front that are in great condition.
  • Price. New OEM parts are expensive. Really expensive. Sometimes as much as 3, 4, or 5 times as expensive as aftermarket substitutes. New aftermarket parts aren’t always a great deal either, but you will always find unbeatable prices on used OEM parts at the junkyard.
  • Eco-friendly. While making the best choice for the environment might not be your number one priority when shopping for car parts, it’s nevertheless true that buying used gives these parts a second life and saves precious resources.

Cheap Junk Yards in Fort Myers FL

At U Pull & Save, we’ve got 6 acres of cars waiting to be picked. A day at our salvage yard is fun, easy on your wallet, and good for the planet. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your day:

Don’t Hesitate

If you’re searching for something very specific, you need to be ready to act fast, especially if you’re on the hunt for something rare or in high demand. If you find out the salvage yard has the car you need, if you wait, the chances are high that it will get picked over pretty quickly. For that reason, it’s also a good idea to go early in the day.

Bring the Right Tools to the Right Container

Most pick and pull yards require visitors to bring their own tools to remove parts. But which tools do you need? You don’t want to burden yourself with heavy, unnecessary equipment since you have to transport them through the yard as you wander around looking for what you need. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Research the part you need and the tools you’ll need to remove it. You can find all this info easily online.
  • Always include some lube, products that will help you loosen corroded parts, and extra leverage.
  • Try to bring cheap tools. It’s easy to lose track of stuff in a salvage yard, and you don’t want to leave behind your expensive tools.
  • Don’t bring your whole toolbox. Bring only the essentials.
  • Bring along sturdy gloves.
  • Check the rules at the salvage yard for items you can’t bring.
  • Pack a first aid kit with band-aids and disinfectant.
  • Carry your kit in a wheelbarrow or wheeled cart. This makes it easy to transport your tools in the yard and gives you a place to put the parts you pull, which can sometimes be heavy and difficult to carry.

If you don’t have the right tools to find what you need, you’ll have to leave to go get them, and the part might not be there when you return. Do your research carefully ahead of time to learn what you need.

Research Substitutes

Many automobile parts are interchangeable between different makes and models. Doing a bit of research to discover all the cars that contain the part you’re looking for will broaden your search and increase your chances of finding what you need. Some cars are essentially the same thing underneath the hood. Even rare cars like Lamborghinis share some components with more common makes. Do some digging; you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Stock Up

Our lot is full of cars scrapped for cash in Fort Myers, FL, and our prices can’t be beaten. With prices this low, you can afford to take more than you need. Rather than take just a piece or two from the engine, take the whole engine. While you’re extracting the left front half shaft, take the right one as well. Then you’re sure to have everything you need once you get back to your garage.

Come into U Pull & Save Today

Car Scrapped for Cash Fort Myers FL

U Pull & Save in Fort Myers, FL, is the region’s largest buyer of junk cars. We’re also the largest pick-and-pull lot in the area, with 6 acres of car parts just waiting to be picked. If you’re in need of used auto parts, make U Pull & Save your first stop. For a low, low $1 entrance fee, you get access to many used cars and an inventory of parts that you will not find at lower prices anywhere else. You will save a ton of money by sourcing the parts for your car project at U Pull & Save.

We’re open seven days a week so that you can stop by anytime you’re looking for a part. Bring your own tools, wear comfortable, grubby clothes and sturdy closed-toe shoes, and slap on some sunscreen – you’re in for a real treat. A day at the salvage yard is like a treasure hunt; you never know what you’ll find. Sure, you came in to find a headlight for the one that’s busted on your F-150, but you also found a cool analog clock in an old Infiniti and the lights and siren from an old cop car that you’re not sure yet what to do with but you’ll have fun figuring something out.

Looking for a junkyard near you? Look no further than U Pull & Save in Fort Myers. Come in to see us today to discover why we’re everyone’s favorite auto salvage yard.

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