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Tips to Make Money by Scrapping Your Car Parts

Car Scrap Parts in FloridaIf you have a beat up, old car in your garage or driveway that you always thought you’d be able to resurrect but don’t have the time, energy, money, or know-how to do, you’re not totally out of luck. There are plenty of people who will buy junk cars in Florida and help you make some extra cash. Wrecker yards can pay you cash on the spot for car scrap parts in Florida. Here’s how to get the most money for your car parts.

Locate Title

A Florida car parts junk yard will need the title for you to sell the car to them, since they will provide an official bill of sale once you purchase the car, so be sure to locate the title before trying to sell it. Having all the paperwork in order before trying to sell the vehicle will make the process much smoother.

Get Quotes

Most good junk yards will give you a quote before you settle on a price with them. This can help you have a realistic expectation of what you can earn for your car. The amount of money you can expect to get for your old car varies according to a few factors. Your vehicle may only be valued as scrap metal if there is no Blue Book value and if it no longer runs. The heavier this type of car is, the more it will be worth. You may also be able to sell individual parts of your vehicle, depending on the condition and age of these parts. When calling for a quote, be sure to know the year, make, model, edition, body style, and condition to get the most accurate quote possible.

Selling the Car

Do some research on different components of your car to determine the going price for different car parts and metals. This can help you decide the best way to sell your car to a junk yard and ensure you get the most money possible.

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