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Tips to Maximize Your Profits While Scrapping Your Car

Let’s face it. That old junk car sitting in the corner of your backyard is doing nothing but collecting rust. Junk cars are eyesores, environmental hazards, and they can lead you to run afoul of local code administrators if your neighbors report the nuisance. That’s why many people elect to sell their old junk cars to a Florida used car parts salvage yard to dispose of what can quickly become a headache if you don’t take timely action.

Stacked cars at junkyardSelling your junk car to a salvage yard allows your used car parts to find new life and extended usefulness even when your old car has ceased operation. By selling your old car to a salvage yard, you can rid yourself of the nuisance and eyesore while making a little extra money as well. Keep reading to learn how you can maximize your profits when selling a junk car.

Sell Choice Parts Yourself

One way to increase the amount of money you receive for your junk car is by cherry-picking valuable parts and selling them individually using social media or local buy-sell apps. For example, if you know you just put a brand new alternator in your junk car right before it gave up, then it may be worth your while to pull that part and sell it as gently used to someone who happens to need it.

The scrap yard doesn’t really care what is left in the car, as they’ll make their money back on the scrap value alone. Therefore, if there are individual parts in the car that you know are relatively new and can be sold individually, do yourself a favor and remove them before contacting the salvage yard.

Pull the Plastic

When a salvage vendor gives you a price for your junk car, it’s usually based strictly on the weight of the car and its value as metal scrap. That way, even if no other parts of the car can be sold by the salvage yard, the money paid for the junk car can be recouped. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remove any non-metallic parts of value and sell them individually as well.

For example, even something like your door panels may have value to someone who needs them, and you can turn a profit by offering them up for sale. Also, any electronics in the vehicle such as stereos, amplifiers, GPS units, and speakers can be pulled out and sold individually as well. That will help you get profits that would have otherwise been lost.

Junk car under fallen leavesGet It Running If Possible

If your old junk car is in rough shape but can be made roadworthy with something like a new battery, it makes sense to spring for the new part and get the car running, even if it’s not running well. The reason is that a running car, no matter its condition, it always worth more than a junk car. Therefore, if a few minor tweaks will get the car back into a state of operation, you can sell it and at least double your profits even when you factor in the cost of the parts to get it operational.

Have the Paperwork

If it’s possible, make sure to have the appropriate paperwork for the vehicle on hand, and submit it to the buyer before the estimate is given. If the car has a transferrable title and can be sold, the buyer has more options regarding what he or she can do with it. If it’s a junk car with no title, the only option is salvage and scrap. If there’s a title, however, the car can be made operational and be sold as a working automobile, which will command a higher price.

When selling your junk car, make sure to use these tips to ensure you get the most profit for your vehicle. To learn more about maximizing your profits when selling a junk car, contact U Pull N Save at (239) 337-7300.

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