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Top 5 Auto Parts to Buy at a Salvage Yard

Used TiresIf you perform your own auto repairs, you’ve probably already noticed how expensive car parts can be. Not to mention, there’s always the possibility that you order a part, get it home, and find out that it doesn’t fit your specific model. Those headaches can make home auto repair projects more costly in terms of both money and time. That’s why many mechanics pull their own salvage yard auto parts in Florida to ensure they get matching parts for a greatly reduced price point.

By pulling your parts at a salvage junk yard, you can get high-quality parts with lots of life left in them for a fraction of what you’d pay for brand new parts. The cars that end up in a salvage yard were often involved in accidents that resulted in insurance companies labeling them totaled. That doesn’t mean that the car is totally damaged, but instead simply means that the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the automobile. In those circumstances, though there may be significant damage to the automobile, there will be plenty of salvageable parts left for the pulling. The process is simple, as you simply bring your own tools, search the yard for a savaged automobile like yours, then hunt for the part you need. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most common parts that do it yourself mechanics harvest from local salvage yards.


Cars in salvage yards that have been totaled may have one or more excellent tires left on them that were not in any way damaged at the time of the accident. While there will be some tires that have little tread life remaining, others will be in like-new condition. That makes salvage yards a great place to find spare tires or tires for everyday use. In fact, you’ll probably pay less than a tenth of the retail cost for a tire of good quality at a salvage yard.


Another top item picked at a salvage yard is the wheel. In some cases, you can get a whole set of matching wheels simply by loosening the lugs, paying the cost, and loading them up. Wheels can be expensive, especially when you’re looking to complete a set. The salvage yard offers a perfect spot to find a spare wheel that matches your existing set or to change out your current wheels with some that may be more desirable.

Body Panels

In many cases, it’s much more affordable to find replacement body panels from a salvage yard. If the vehicle has been involved in an accident, there is probably some damage to the fenders, doors, or quarter panels. However, in many cases, the damage only impacts one side of the car, so the panels on the other side are still usable. Pulling body panels and components from salvaged cars can save you hundreds of dollars in materials and is well worth the effort.


The seats in the average car take a beating over time, as they can become torn, ripped, or cracked from normal wear. However, the first place you should look when replacing your seats is the salvage yard. You may be able to find perfectly good seats to match your vehicle. Also, you won’t need to worry about finding and purchasing the seat hardware when you pull from a salvage yard since everything you need will be right there.

Audio Systems

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s sound system, make sure you peruse your local salvage yard first before spending hundreds on new audio gear. At a salvage yard, you may find state of the art equipment in like-new condition there for the pulling. You can find stereos, amplifiers, and speakers, as well as all the hardware you’ll need to install them in your car.

If you need car parts for cheap, junk yards in Florida may have just what you need to make repairs on a budget. To learn more about the auto parts most commonly pulled from salvage yards, contact U Pull N Save at (239) 337-7300.  

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