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Top 5 Junkyard Misconceptions

Junkyards, also known as scrap yards, take in about 10 million cars each year in the United States alone. They are a great resource both for car owners looking to find discount parts and for those wanting quick cash for junk cars. However, many people fail to take advantage of junkyards because they aren’t sure exactly how they work. Here are some of the top misconceptions we hear about junkyards.

Junkyard Owners Aren’t Trustworthy

If you’ve been led to believe that junkyards are shady businesses where mobsters hang out on their time off, you’ve probably been watching too many movies. Not all junkyard owners are out to rip you off, either. Junkyards are just like any other business in town. Buying and selling from a junkyard helps promote local economy because most of the time, the junkyard owner is a part of the community and will put the money back into more local businesses.

Junkyards Are a Mess

It’s true that many junkyards can look overwhelming to newcomers. However, you’ll find that most junkyards are actually extremely well organized once you understand the system. The junkyard owner has to know what parts he has available, after all. More and more junkyards are starting to list their available parts online, and you may even be able to buy parts or schedule a pickup for your old car online.

My Car Is Too Damaged to Sell

No matter what shape your car is in, we can take it. Odds are, we’ll be able to find at least a few parts that still have value, even if it just means turning your car into scrap metal. If your car is too damaged to drive to our lot, we can arrange for a tow truck to pick it up for you.

Selling a Car Is Complicated

A lot of people are nervous about selling a car, especially those who don’t consider themselves to be car-savvy people. But selling a car to a junkyard is a simple matter, and it’s much less complicated than selling it to a private buyer or a dealership. The best part is that you can get cash for your car that day. It’s recommended that you have your title to make the process easier, especially for newer vehicles, but it’s all right if you don’t. As long as you can prove the car is yours, we should be able to take it off your hands. We’ll take care of all the paperwork!

Junkyards Aren’t Environmentally Friendly

Just like you may assume that a junkyard is a mess when you first walk up, it’s easy to think that junkyards are dangerous to the environment by the piles of cars you see sitting around. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Remember how junkyards take in around 10 million cars each year? About 75% of these cars can be resold or recycled so they don’t end up in permanent landfills. We also make sure the cars are safe before we store them on our property. When we first get a car, we remove its fluids and other parts like the battery to prevent them from leaking and contaminating the environment.

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