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Top 5 Must-See Junkyard Finds

If you have never visited a salvage yard, you are missing out on a resource that could save you hundreds of dollars. Here at U Pull N Save, we believe in the exceptional value of salvage yards and in the quality products you can obtain there. Not sure you want to take our word for it? We have compiled the top 5 salvage yard finds in order to convince you to check one out for yourself.

Top 5 Junkyard Finds

A little skeptical about the quality of products found at the salvage yard? Perhaps you do not want to get your hands dirty unnecessarily, and as a result you have avoided the salvage yard. The following list of the top 5 must-see junkyard finds just may persuade you to take a look at what we have to offer!

  • #1: One man’s junk. Many people end up selling their cars to us because they are no longer road worthy. This may be because of an accident, or because the car simply no longer passes inspections and is too costly to repair. Besides a few flaws, these vehicles are in great condition. The old owner no longer has use for the car, but almost all of its parts are in great shape, and they are just waiting for you to snatch them up!
  • #2: Retirees. Many retired buses and police vehicles find their way into salvage yards eventually. Police vehicles are a great purchase, as they are usually in great shape and were only sold because the department upgraded vehicles. If you are looking for a car (or parts for a car) that is in good working condition, consider one of these “retirees.”
  • #3: The ultimate treasure hunt. Every man dreams of purchasing a vintage sports car and spending countless hours lovingly restoring the vehicle to its original state. With the help of your local salvage yard, this dream can become a reality! Salvage yards offer hundreds of quality used parts that either cannot be found new or can only be found at an incredibly high price. If you want to restore a vehicle working within a tight budget, a salvage yard is the way to make that happen. Bring along your kids to work together in this ultimate treasure hunt at the salvage yard.
  • #4: Classic gems. Many people frequent salvage yards looking for a classic gem for a great deal. Many classic cars (and their parts) can be found at salvage yards. Oftentimes, they appear a bit lackluster and fall to the wayside, but if you look carefully, you may find a vintage or classic vehicle and its parts.
  • #5 A steal of a deal. Oftentimes, salvage yards will run specials in which you pay a flat rate to enter, and anything you can carry away is yours for that rate. We love to offer exceptional deals to our customers, and all of your hunting skills will pay off when you find that part you have been looking for at an incredible price.

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