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Tricks to Get Auto Parts from Car Salvage Yards

Car Salvage Yard in FloridaIf your auto repair requires replacement parts, try a car salvage yard in Florida instead of buying new. Salvage yard auto parts are considerably less expensive than new parts and the experience of visiting the salvage yard to retrieve them can be a lot of fun. Salvage yards come in two basic varieties—full service and self-service. Full-service yards pull the parts for you while self-service yards in Florida let you wander the yards and retrieve the parts yourself. Wandering in a self-service yard for an afternoon is an adventure, but can be daunting if you actually need something. For your trip to a DIY salvage yard to be fruitful, use the following tricks to help you:

  • Research before you go. Do an online search to find any and all parts that are interchangeable with the part you need to replace. The longer your list of possibilities, the higher your likelihood of finding what you need.
  • Call ahead. Not every junk yard has every car. This is an especially important step if you are looking for parts for a rare car. Call the yard and ask if they have cars in the yard of the make and model you need. They may not know, but it is certainly worth the effort to try before you go.
  • Be choosy. Don’t buy the first part you find. Take your time and find the best one.
  • Test before you buy. If your salvaged part is electrical, test it before you take it home. Most yards have batteries you can use to give parts a test run.
  • Be prepared. Getting auto parts and salvage from a junkyard is messy and sometimes tricky. You need to be prepared. Take your toolbox or something you can carry with you, and make sure it is stocked with ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, and wrenches in different sizes. Pry bars, hammers, hacksaws, and tin snips will be handy as well. You’ll also appreciate having some items to protect yourself, like safety glasses and gloves, and having a jumpsuit to wear and something to place on the ground to keep you clean and dry.

With a bit of planning, you can have an enjoyable and successful trip to the salvage yard. You’ll save money and have a great time.

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