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Turning Your Trash into Cash

The reason why people say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is because it is true. There are several items that you may not be able to use for whatever reason that someone else can turn into something that is useful to him or her. At U Pull & Save in Fort Myers, FL, we see other people’s trash turn into treasure every day, and they are willing to pay real money for it.

Garage Sale

Saving the items you don’t need any more for a on
ce a year garage sale can mean big money and can help you declutter your home. If you have a housing association, you might be able to have a neighborhood garage sale that would help bring more people to buy your unwanted items. Depending on what you have to sell, you could even make hundreds of dollars with little items.

Internet Sales

Old toys, including anything from the mid-1990s now, can fetch a tidy sum on the Internet. You can either auction it off yourself or find a collector site. If you only have parts, finding a collector store online will actually improve the odds that you can sell those parts because the store will have incomplete sets that you can complete.

Know Your Recyclables

Cans, metals, and paper are all common recyclables that people can get paid for. However, many people do not know that their cars can be recycled at places like U Pull n Save. We buy cars whether they are running or not. This allows people to come and buy the parts off the cars. Those parts are then used to get other vehicles running, which saves resources and can make the seller some money from something that would otherwise be worthless. If you are looking for cash for cars in Florida, give us a call at U Pull & Save and get money for your used vehicle regardless of its condition.

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