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Used Car Battery: A Buying Guide

Replacing Your Car BatteryReplacing the battery on a car isn’t generally an overly expensive fix. However, if money is tight and you can’t afford to spend up to $200 on a new car battery, it may be possible to find a reliable battery at a car junkyard in Fort Myers, FL. The most important thing is that you know what to look for to determine the battery’s age and condition before buying the part. Keep reading to get tips on buying used car batteries.

Checking the Battery’s Age

The first thing you’ll want to check when you remove the battery from a car at a junkyard is the battery’s age. Every battery has a date stamp, but those stamps aren’t always as straightforward as your food expiration dates. AGM batteries have a date written in a DD/MM/YY format. So, if you see the numbers 150918 written on the battery label, it was manufactured on the 15th of September in 2018.

Flooded lead-acid batteries have dates written in an even more confusing format. They will have a letter referring to the month it was manufactured, followed by a number that indicates the year it was made. The letters are in an A through L format, with A referring to January, B to February, and so on to L, which refers to December. So, if you see the stamp K14 or K4, this means the battery was manufactured in November of 2014. You may also notice an X, Y, or Z printed below these codes, but these are about manufacturer locations, not dates.

Checking for Corrosion

Of course, batteries of the same age can have different levels of reliability depending on their condition. It’s important to carefully examine any battery (regardless of its age) for corrosion. If you see any orange or green spots, you should put the battery back in the vehicle and find another car on the lot to pull from. However, a little dirt and dust won’t impact a battery’s reliability, so don’t be deterred by something that needs a little bit of cleaning.

You’ll also want to take a close look at the battery connection terminals for any signs of sulfation. If there’s a whitish buildup around the terminals, you’ll want to avoid buying that battery. You’ll likely have a hard time getting that battery to hold a charge.

The Cost of a Battery

Used Car Parts

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a new battery can cost as much as $200 when you buy new. The typical car battery, however, will cost between $50 and $120, while premium batteries are the ones that can run you up to $200. While not the most expensive car repair around, that is a cost that can put people in a pretty tight pinch.

A used car battery from a scrap yard, on the other hand, will typically only cost you between $5 and $8. If you’re looking for a larger or higher-end battery, you can expect to pay between $10 and $12 in most cases. This is much more affordable and can still be a reliable replacement if you follow the tips above.

At U Pull N Save, we buy junk cars in Fort Myers, FL, every day, which means we’re always adding new inventory to our lot. There are many batteries in these vehicles that are in excellent condition and can be used to repair your car for a fraction of a new battery price. Call or stop by our lot today to find a used battery for your vehicle.

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