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Want To Get Rid of Your Junk Car? Here’s How.

Getting rid of your old junk car is easier than you think. In fact, when you discover how simple the process can be, you’ll really regret letting that old, unsightly clunker sit in your yard for this long. You might have hesitated because the process of getting a dealer to buy your old car seemed daunting, and the truth is that selling to a dealer is tough. Some dealers will buy ugly, damaged, old cars, but most won’t. Dealers generally want cars they can fix up and resell, and, if we’re honest, that’s not likely with your old heap of trash.Car Scrap Parts in Florida

What options does that leave you? By far, the best way to get rid of an old car is to sell it to a vehicle scrapyard in Florida like U Pull N Save in Fort Myers.

How does it work?

Selling your junk car to a salvage yard is easy.

  • Make the call. Team members are available 24/7 to discuss your car.
  • Share the deets. You’ll need to provide some basic info about your vehicle, including the make, model, and year as well as the number of miles and its general condition. You don’t need photos, the VIN, or anything complicated.
  • Get a quote. U Pull N Save will give you a quote for your car in minutes. We offer the most competitive rates in the region. Our prices are based on several variables, such as your specific car and current market prices for metals such as steel and aluminum.
  • Schedule pickup. We’ll send a tow truck free of charge to you to pick up the car. You’ll get cash on the spot and we’ll help with all the paperwork. Just like that, you’ve got cash for your junk car.

Why choose a salvage yard?

Why should you sell your old car to a salvage yard?

  • Ease. U Pull N Save makes the process so easy. We help take care of title transfers and bills of sale. We bring the tow truck to you. We handle transactions around the clock on your schedule. And we provide a fair price without any hassle to you.
  • Speed. You can get cash for your car in days. The whole process from the first phone call to the feel of cold, hard cash in your hand takes merely days. Selling to a private buyer or a dealer is never that fast and always involves more effort and more frustration. U Pull N Save offers a frustration-free process designed to be fast and easy.Auto Parts and Salvage Florida
  • Responsibility. Today’s cars are almost fully recyclable. At U Pull N Save, we make every effort to recycle every bit of every car down to the last nut and the last bolt. We drain the fluids and recycle them or dispose of them safely. We recycle batteries, tires, and the metals like steel and aluminum.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get rid of your junk car and you want the process to be easy and fast, call U Pull N Save. We buy junk cars in Florida for the best prices around. Call us today and have cash in your hand tomorrow – it’s that fast and that simple.

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