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Watch Out for These Scams When Selling your Junk Car

If you think it’s time to sell an old car in Fort Myers, FL, one great option is a salvage yard. At U Pull N Save, we obviously love this option. Every car, regardless of age or condition, has some residual value and a junkyard can be a great way to capitalize on that.

But not every scrap yard is as scrupulous as we are. Scams are out there and you need to beware. We want you to get a good deal, so we’re sharing some of the most common ways we’ve seen folks get swindled at the salvage yard.Cash for Cars in Florida


Junkyards go out of their way to be vague about pretty much everything. Examples include the following:

  • Tonnage. Many scrap cars are valued via tonnage. BEWARE. There are two kinds of tons: net tons are 2,000 pounds, and long or metric tons are 2,240 pounds. Many junkyards will let you believe they pay out based on net tons when they actually use long tons. This can lead to you getting less cash for your car than your estimate.
  • Towing. Many dealers won’t tell you upfront if a towing fee is included. When the tow truck shows up to take your vehicle, the driver will ask for a fee. If this happens, BEWARE. You might be paying for towing twice.
  • Estimates. Junkyards know that owners are very reluctant to leave the yard with their car once they’ve managed to get it there. They also know that owners are in a poor negotiating position once a car has been loaded onto a tow truck. BEWARE of scrapyards that give higher than expected estimates or who change the offer once you arrive or the car is loaded. Don’t hesitate to leave or refuse to sign over the title if the offer moves significantly.

To prevent these problems, ask lots of questions, get specific answers, and work with reputable yards.

Sweet Deals

Many scrap yards try to sweeten the deal with non-cash incentives; they offer less than market value for the car and make up the difference with coupons or vouchers. These are rarely a good idea. BEWARE and read the fine print before agreeing to any deal that isn’t strictly cash.

Something Besides Cash

You really need to expect a cash payment. Anything other than cash is risky, so BEWARE. And you need to have the cash in your hand before you sign over the title. Once you sign the title, you no longer own the car and, if you don’t get the money you were promised, there’s not much you can do about it.

FavorsSelling Car for Parts Fort Myers FL

BEWARE of any scrapyard who tells you they’re doing you a favor by taking your worthless car. No car is worthless. At a minimum, the scrap metal has value. If your car was truly worthless, the junkyard wouldn’t want to take it. Undervaluing your car gives the scrapyard the upper hand. Knowing approximately what your car is worth beforehand will prevent you from being exploited by a disreputable scrap yard.

Avoid Scams

To avoid being scammed when your car is scrapped for cash in Fort Myers, FL, contact U Pull N Save. We have the finest reputation in the area for offering fair and transparent prices for old cars. We promise honesty and no surprises. Contact us today for a free quote.

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