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What Are Junk Car Batteries Worth?

Old car battery in Florida

You may have heard that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and while the junk car in your garage may look like garbage, it could make you little money if you sell your vehicle to U Pull & Save. Depending on your location, you can sell the parts for cash, including the battery, which earns you money and gets rid of toxic waste at the same time.

What’s Your Old Battery Worth?

There is no set price for used batteries. While new batteries cost hundreds of dollars, used batteries only receive a small fraction of that price. Some buyers pay a flat rate for each battery, and others pay for batteries by the pound or truckload, offering higher prices for large loads. If you have various car batteries lying around, it’s worth your time to collect them and sell them all at once for a bulk price.

Head to the Scrap Yard

Before you head to the nearest scrap yard, call around to compare prices and find the best one. Search out local scrap yards and buyers of used auto parts in Florida. Once you’ve found the best price in your area, take your car or truck and load in as many batteries as you can find. Batteries are heavy, so be careful as you lift, and remember to lift with your legs rather than your back. The heavier your batteries, the better the price you’ll likely receive at the auto parts yard.

When you reach the scrap yard, ask an attendant where to take your batteries. An employee will then weigh or count your batteries and pay cash for your haul. Since many scrap yards have problems with individuals stealing scrap metals and batteries to sell for profit, you may be required to bring an ID when you bring in your haul, and you may be asked to sign documents affirming that you are the lawful owner of the batteries.

Damaged Batteries

Damaged batteries that are leaking or have the potential to break open are toxic and can hurt both people and animals. To maintain a safe work environment, most scrap yard locations don’t buy damaged batteries. If you have a damaged battery, you may not be able to sell it, but you will be able to recycle it. If you have a damaged battery, search for local metal recyclers, who may pay a small price for the battery, or search out a city-designated drop-off location. While these recycling locations do not typically pay for batteries, they do offer a free and safe way to dispose of your batteries.

Make It Worth Your While

While most used auto parts stores don’t pay a huge price for used batteries, the sums are generally worth the quick trip to the store, especially if you can gather a large collection of used batteries to sell. Look for neighbors with dead cars and ask around for any extra batteries you can bring in to maximize the profits from your trip. If you have a truckload or more of batteries, call your local scrap yard to check if they offer a pick-up service.

Don’t miss out on an easy chance to pick up quick cash. If you have a battery sitting around your garage, load it into your car and head to a nearby scrap yard to cash it in. Even if the sum is small, it’s a great, profitable alternative to recycling your used battery.

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