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What are the Most Valuable Junk Cars?

Every car has value; not even the junkiest clunker is totally worthless. Not only that, but getting cash for old cars in Fort Myers, FL, is just about the easiest thing you can do to get a quick payday, especially when you call U Pull N Save salvage yard. We buy any car in any condition and we pay cash on the spot.

If you’re wondering which junk cars are the most valuable, here’s a brief look at four types of vehicles that have relatively high salvage value:Sell My Car FT Myers FL

Reliable Cars

Junk cars are evaluated for their salvage value based on two general criteria: their overall weight and the demand for their parts. The parts of reliable cars are in high demand. Reliable in this case doesn’t mean that the junk car actually runs, it means that its brand and model are considered to be reliable. Consider a Honda, for example. Hondas run forever. As a result, owners of Honda Accords are willing to pay to repair them to keep them on the road longer, meaning that DIYers, as well as mechanics and body shops, need replacement parts for these cars. Owners of Mercury Tracers, on the other hand, generally sell these vehicles once they stop working, resulting in low demand for replacement parts.

Rare Cars

Another thing that can drive demand for parts is if the car is considered rare, unique, or expensive. Again, repairing rare and pricey cars is preferred, so replacement parts are in high demand, and this high demand drives up the price of the parts. In some cases, scarcity will also drive up the price of parts as well.

Heavy Cars

The other broad criteria for determining salvage value is weight. Salvage yards like U Pull N Save sell old cars in Fort Myers, FL, as scrap metal. Aluminum and steel are the two most predominant metals in cars. Heavier cars contain more metal, so they are worth more on the scrap metal market. When it comes to scrap metal weight, pre-mid 1980s cars win out over more modern vehicles since they have a higher metal content.


Every now and again, a car will legally be declared a lemon. Lemon laws come into effect in the following circumstances:

  • When a substantial defect occurs in the car within a specified time following purchase.
  • When the defect is unable to be remedied after several attempts.
  • When the defect is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Cash For Cars In Fort Myers FLThe thing is, lemon cars are usually new or like new. While these cars have a problem, their parts are in good condition and are worth a considerable sum.

Any Car, Any Condition

U Pull N Save buys any car, in any condition. If you have a vehicle that’s in one of these four categories, U Pull N Save is the place to call. Buying a car with cash in Fort Myers, FL, is what we do best. We do it every day and have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it. Don’t sit on your old clunker any longer. Turn that car into cash today with one phone call to U Pull N Save.

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