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What Happens to Your Old Car at a Salvage Yard

Salvage yard

If you have a vehicle that no longer runs or one that will require significant investment, sometimes the best option is just to give up the car altogether. Selling your car to a junkyard in Florida is a great way to get some cash because it’s convenient and allows your vehicle to continue to be useful by providing parts for others looking to repair their vehicle. If you’re considering selling your old junk car to a salvage yard, here’s what you need to know about what will likely happen to it.

Remove VIN

Salvage yards will protect you and other potential car buyers by removing the vehicle identification number (VIN) so that it can’t be sold to anyone else. The number is taken out of the DMV’s system so that someone doesn’t unknowingly buy a vehicle that has technically been classified as an end-of-life vehicle (EOL). Most EOL vehicles are those that no longer have useful life because they’ve been affected by serious accidents, fires, floods, or even natural wear that makes them difficult or impossible to run properly anymore.

Remove Harmful Materials

There are a number of potentially harmful materials that could still be in the vehicle that need to be removed before the vehicle can be used for parts. This process is called depollution. Fluids such as oil, Freon, and antifreeze can not only be hazardous to the environment, but they can also be recycled so that they don’t end up in a landfill. The salvage yard will remove all these fluids and dispose of them safely so that they don’t cause problems later on. Used motor oil can be recycled for use as a lubricant, antifreeze can be cleaned and then used again for other vehicles, and Freon can continue to be used as a refrigerant. Other potentially hazardous materials in the car include airbags and mercury. The process also involves separating different materials that may be used by the yard or sold to customers. These materials include copper wiring, plastics, rubber, steel, aluminum, and precious metals such as platinum or palladium. Some yards will remove and recycle batteries, while others might leave them in the vehicle for other customers to pull and use.

Salvage and Sell Useful Parts

There are dozens of useful parts left on a junked car that other customers may find useful when repairing their own vehicles. There are components that can be used for body restoration, such as windshields, hoods, mirrors, and bumpers, that might be difficult to obtain new. There are also parts that still have usefulness, including alternators, axles, and starters. In some cases, an entire transmission or engine will be available for customers to remove and purchase. Salvage yards are a great resource for hard-to-find parts or for finding an alternative to parts that are far more expensive from a dealer or other new parts source. Many of the parts on an EOL vehicle still have a lot of life in them, so rather than sitting in a landfill, they can be used on other vehicles.

Recycle Metal

Once all the useful parts have been removed from a vehicle, the end of the process for a car salvage yard in Florida is to recycle the remaining metal. Before this can happen, the car has to be completely stripped and then crushed. Millions of tons of steel are recycled every year from old cars, so if you’re interested in helping the environment by sending your car to a salvage yard, contact U Pull & Save today.

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