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What Makes the Best Junk Car Removal Company?

No More Car Dying Issue - Scrap ItNo matter what you’re selling, you want to ensure you’re getting the best deal on it, and you want the process of selling it to be as quick and painless as possible. When selling an old car, listing the vehicle and showing it to potential buyers can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why many people choose to sell to a junkyard instead. But you shouldn’t just sell an old car in Fort Myers, FL, to the first scrapyard you find. You still want to ensure you’re finding the best one in town. Here are a few things to look for that make a junk car buyer stand out above the competition.

Instant Offer over the Phone

If you have to drive your car around to different junkyards to get offers on it, that’s not much easier than showing it to various private buyers, now is it? Why would you want to go through this hassle when selling a car for scrap? And what do you do if the car doesn’t run? You certainly don’t want to tow it around to every scrapyard in town.

A quality salvage yard will make you an offer for your vehicle over the phone without even seeing it. They will ask you some questions to get an idea of the vehicle’s value and overall condition. However, they should be able to provide you with a straight offer without you having to take the car to them.

Free Towing Service

Is it a junk car removal company if they don’t come and remove the junk car for you? If they’re willing to buy your car, they should be ready to come to get it too. What’s more, they should be willing to tow the car for free. They shouldn’t be taking a hidden tow fee out of the money they pay you for the car. The offer they make should be the amount you get.

Cash Upfront

Cash Upfront

Speaking of the amount you get, you should be getting that amount when they come to tow the car. It would help if you didn’t have to wait days or weeks to deposit to your account. They should put cash in your hand before they tow your car away. This offers you peace of mind that you’re getting what you’ve been offered while allowing you to use that cash as soon as you need it.

As an added note, it’s best to work with companies that only pay in cash. You don’t want to end up with a check that bounces or a money wire that never comes through.

Competitive Offers

As important as quality service is in a junk car removal company, the most important thing to a seller is usually the amount of money you get in your pocket. The offer you receive over the phone should be a competitive one. You want to get top cash for junk cars in Fort Myers, FL, and they should be able to provide it. Make sure you have an idea of what your vehicle is worth to a scrapyard so that you can feel confident in any offer you choose to accept.

Satisfied Customers

Any time you’re working with a new company, it’s always a good idea to check their customer reviews. While there will always be a few angry people just looking to leave a negative comment, what you should be on the lookout for is consistent complaints—rude tow drivers, sellers getting paid significantly less than they were offered, surprise fees, etc. If you see several people making similar complaints, you might want to search for a different company to sell to.

If you’re thinking, “It’s time to sell my car to a Fort Myers, FL, junkyard,” look no further than U Pull N Save. We’ll give you an offer over the phone and tow your car to our lot for free. We pay top dollar for cars, whether they run or not. Give us a call to get an offer on your junk car today!

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