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When Is It Time to Junk Your Car?

Cash For Your Junk Car There are many reasons to sell your car—whether you need something bigger or are just looking for an upgrade—but how do you know if it’s time to sell it to a car junkyard in Fort Myers, FL, versus selling it to someone else? Here are a few signs that indicate that your old car is ready for the scrapyard, rather than another driver.

It Costs More to Fix than It’s Worth

To sell a car, it needs to be in decent drivable condition. Most consumers don’t want to buy a car that they can’t rely on to at least get them to work. Odds are, you’ll need to do some repairs to get your car ready for the market. But if those repairs are going to cost more than you could reasonably get for the vehicle, it’s not worth fixing it up. You’d be better off selling your junker for parts instead.

It’s Not Safe to Drive Anymore

While some cars may technically be drivable, that doesn’t mean that they’re safe to be out on the roads. Many cars from the ’80s and ’90s are well below today’s safety standards. If your vehicle is rusted out, doesn’t have functioning airbags, or other significant safety issues with it are costly to repair, you certainly shouldn’t sell it to another driver. Whether you’re behind the wheel or someone else is, a car like that is a tragedy waiting to happen. It’s better to sell it to a junkyard where people can use the functional parts on their own, safe cars.

Ask About TowingThe “Check Engine” Light Is Always On

Your car’s “check engine” light is there to let you know when there’s a problem. When it comes on, you should take it to the shop immediately and get the problem fixed. But that light should be a rare sight on your dash. If you get an issue repaired and that light pops back on within a few days, announcing yet another problem, your car probably isn’t worth saving. At that rate, you’ll be paying through the nose to keep your vehicle functional. It’s more cost-effective to sell it for scrap and get something new.

You Don’t Have a Title

If you don’t have a title for your car, it’s illegal to sell it to another driver without getting the vehicle’s documents. This is a common issue for people who have inherited a relative’s car, and the relative didn’t have their papers in order. Getting the title, unfortunately, can be a lengthy and costly process. If you’re not going to get much more for your car from a private buyer than you’d get from a junkyard, it’s probably not worth the hassle of getting the title at all. Luckily, so long as the car isn’t stolen, it’s perfectly legal to sell your car to a junkyard without a title.

You Can’t Find a Buyer

Maybe you thought your car was perfectly buyable. But it’s been on the market for months, and you still can’t find a buyer. This might be a sign that the car isn’t quite as desirable as you thought. You could reevaluate how much you’re asking for the car, but if you haven’t had any interest, it might be best to sell it to a scrapyard.

We’ll buy any car, no matter its condition. Even if it doesn’t run or if you don’t have a title, we’ll make you an offer on your old car. If you’re looking for junkyards in Fort Myers, Florida, to buy your old car, contact U Pull N Save, and we can make you an offer today!

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