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When Is the Best Time to Junk Your Car?

Old Green Junked Car Americans have two reasons for not getting rid of their cars in a timely fashion. The first is the American love affair with the automobile. People love their cars so much, they give them names, like Herbie or Christine, and personalities. The second is the flagging economy. Keeping an old car, especially if it is paid for, is generally cheaper than getting a new vehicle even after repair expenses are calculated. However, at U Pull & Save in Florida, we have people ask us all the time about getting rid of their car and the best time to do it, so here are some suggestions.

The Wheels Come Off

You can drive your car until it dies. Getting the most miles and use out of your vehicle only makes sense because a car is usually the second greatest expenditure in any family. Driving the car until it can no longer go makes sure that you get your money’s worth and you do the least damage to the environment. It will also keep you from having to make car payments on a monthly basis. That saves you money in the long and short term.

Exasperating Expenses

There are times when repairing the vehicle becomes too expensive. If you have the car in the shop every month or every week, you probably find your repair bill expensive and the inconvenience even more expensive. If your vehicle is your primary source of transportation, you don’t want to miss time from work or feel like it is unreliable. Both of those things will increase your stress level while draining your bank account.

Front View of Blue Junked Car

Environmentally Speaking

Some people buy a new electric car because they are convinced that these cars are better for the environment. However, buying a new car and selling your old car just puts 2 cars on the road. While you aren’t driving your old vehicle, someone is, and they are creating the pollution that you would have created keeping your old car. Junking your car will keep it off the road while allowing others access to the parts for recycling.

With all of the Florida junk yards nearbyit is important to find one that works for you. Junk yards can be great places to find hidden treasures if you need car parts. They can also be good ways to ensure that someone gets the most use out of your vehicle. If your car is costing too much in repairs or you just want to get it off the road, you will want to consider junking it.

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