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Which Cars Have the Most Demand for Used Parts?

The last decade has really forced people to reevaluate how they approach every single aspect of their financial life. One such facet of that financial question is your vehicle. What kind of car should you drive? How can you best take care of it so that it will run as long as possible? One truth that has come out of the economic downturn is twofold: many people are driving used cars, and those same owners are repairing them rather than buying a new vehicle whenever something goes wrong. This naturally leads to the question, what cars have the most demand for used parts? There is no simple answer to the question, as a lot of it depends on your geography, but there are a few constants that hold true regardless of where you live. Here are a just a few of the most in-demand parts from used cars.

Smaller, Gas-Sipping Sedans

As stated before, many people now drive smaller sedans that don’t use as much gasoline out of necessity. Whether it is because they are concerned about the environment or they simply want to save some money, there are more compact cars on the roads today than ever before. What this means for you, as someone who is either looking to sell used car parts for smaller vehicles or looking to buy them, is that there are a lot of them available for purchase and also a lot of demand for them. Vehicles like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and the Hyundai Elantra are the compact cars that are consistently at the top of the best selling cars lists at the end of each fiscal year. It is these types of cars that people are looking for parts for, and they are relatively easy to find, either at your local junk yard or online.

Classic Cars

Classic cars are a passion for many enthusiasts. Much of the pleasure that comes from owning a classic car is the act of restoring it to working order, making it look and run as it initially did in its heyday. Part of the process of restoring a classic car is finding authentic parts that still work. If you have a classic car with working parts, those are ripe for sale because there are chances someone restoring an older vehicle is looking for exactly what you’ve got. Better yet, if you aren’t using those parts, you could sell them for more money than you probably think.

Cars with Unique Parts

Even some newer cars contain parts that can be hard to find, either because they have to be special ordered or simply because they are no longer in production. Foreign cars especially fit this description. Sometimes, when a car built overseas breaks down, finding parts can be difficult, and many car owners don’t have time to wait for one to be ordered. This is where a scrap yard or private owner comes in handy. They can get you a working part in a fraction of the time it would take to order one and have it shipped, often at a fraction of the price, too.

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