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Why Junkyards Are Great for Cheap Car Parts

Types of Junk Yards

Different damaged cars on a junk yardIf you’ve ever done any automotive repair or restoration, you know the price of parts can really add up. Instead of paying top dollar at the auto parts store, why not save money, have some adventure, and get an invaluable mechanical education? Take a trip to one of the many cheap junk yards in Florida.

There are two types of junk yards in Florida: do-it-yourself or full-service. The do-it-yourself junk yard means you bring your own tools and do your own work. When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign a form waiving any liability on their part. Some will charge a nominal admission fee. At a full-service junk yard, you tell them what part you want. They remove it and bring it up to the front desk. Either way, you’ll be saving money compared to retail prices.


Many modern junk yards have alphabetized price lists on their websites, so you know the cost of your parts before you go. Most scrap yards have a price board by the front entrance, and a pricelist at the interchange counter. Check out online databases to see which cars contain interchangeable components.

Call First

This could save hours of wasted time. You can call ahead to find out about pricing, as well as whether they have the make, model, and year you’re looking for. They can also tell you when new wrecks come in.

What to Bring

Grab a toolbox and toss in the following: a pry bar, wrenches, hammer and chisel, hacksaw, pliers, screwdrivers, 3/8″-inch-drive ratchet, vise grips, wire cutters, and penetrating oil. Grease rags, work gloves, and a flashlight will make the job easier. If you’ll need to test parts, bring a 12-volt battery. Pack some cardboard to lie on and a car jack for heavy jobs. Make sure to wear safety glasses while working.

When you find the part you want, make sure it’s in good condition. If not, keep looking. Once you’ve struck gold and successfully found and removed your part, take it up to the front desk and pay. If your part’s not on the price list, make an offer. Junk yards in Fort Myers, Florida, are a great way to save big on parts and have some fun.

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