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Why You Should Buy Auto Parts from Salvage Yard

Vehicle Scrap Yards in FloridaSalvage yard auto parts in Florida are the secret to high-quality DIY auto repairs. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on new OEM auto parts or risk using sketchy aftermarket parts. Instead, turn to your local vehicle scrap yard to find the parts you need. Here are five reasons to start your next auto repair at a junkyard:

“Junk” Isn’t the Same as Junk.

Your local junkyard isn’t a repository for 100% junk. It might be helpful to think of it as a scrapyard instead. The junkyard houses hundreds of vehicles that have been junked but that still contain valuable parts. For example, say the insurance company totaled a car for damages sustained in a collision. Unless it exploded, it’s going to have lots of functional OEM parts left that are in excellent condition. U Pull N Save is an outstanding resource for a variety of auto parts that have a lot of life left in them.

Salvaged Parts Cost Less

Some auto repairs require new parts, but many don’t. When salvaged parts are a reasonable and feasible option, you can save 50% to 75% on replacement costs without sacrificing any performance. You will most of the time find a high-quality, clean, functional part for a fraction of the price at U Pull N Save.

Quality Repairs Need Quality Parts

Experts agree, using OEM parts made specifically for the car at hand is by far the best option for auto repairs. Yes, there are many good aftermarket parts available, but using a part that you know will fit and work just right in your car makes for a better repair. If you’re doing repairs on an older model car, finding OEM parts new can be next to impossible. If the choice is between a salvaged OEM part in excellent condition versus an aftermarket part, choose the OEM part every time. Don’t settle for a substitute; call U Pull N Save to find the exact part you need.

Salvaged Parts are Easy on the Environment

While this might not be your top priority, it’s nevertheless true that salvaged parts are eco-friendly. Some estimates say that 75% of the average “junked” vehicle is still perfectly usable. Why waste money and resources to make and purchase something that already exists? Don’t leave all the good stuff sitting in a landfill; save money and the planet by shopping for used auto parts at your local salvage yard first.  

The Hunt is Fun

Salvage Junk Yard FloridaIf you have never visited a self-serve junkyard with your toolbox in hand and a sense of adventure in your heart, you’re missing out. U Pull N Save is the largest self-serve scrapyard in southwest Florida. You won’t find a better selection on any other lot in the area. Experienced trackers and novices alike enjoy spending an afternoon scavenging in our extensive yard. Nothing is as satisfying as finding the exact part you need in excellent condition for a fair price.

Give the Salvage Yard a Try Today

Don’t shop new. Buy parts from a junkyard and save. For used tires, batteries, windows, seat belts, engine parts, and more, visit U Pull N Save. We have a vast selection of car, truck, SUV, and RV parts. To find the part you’re looking for, grab your tools and visit our self-serve salvage yard today. We charge a flat $1 admission fee, and any parts you pull will be charged upon your exit. Our prices are the best around. See you soon!

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