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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Car

Are you having problems with your car? Do you feel like perhaps you should start over with a newer vehicle? Here at U Pull n Save, we believe in finding ways to keep your current car running, and provide a wide variety of parts to help you do so. While new cars are nice, they also come with a brand-new payment plan, and if your current car is paid off, why begin a new loan when you can maintain what you have and live without car payments? Here are some other reasons why we think salvaging your current car is the best way to go.

The Truth about New Cars

Car dealerships will have you believe that new cars are the best option for you, and that you can never go wrong when buying new. The following list shows the truth about buying a new car.

New cars lose value immediately: As soon as you drive your new car off the lot, it will depreciate in value. Depending upon the model you purchase, you will lose as much as 20% of its value. This is not a sound investment.

Your insurance rate will rise: When you purchase a newer, more expensive vehicle, your insurance rates will rise dramatically. Likewise, you have more to lose if you get in an accident than if you had stayed with your older vehicle.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Your Old Car

Today’s culture would have you believe that newer is always better, and that as soon as you experience problems with your vehicle, it is time to trade it in. At U Pull n Save, we know this is simply not true! Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your old car.

You keep your current interest rate: Earlier we noted that no car payment is much better than having one, but what if you still haven’t paid off your current vehicle? Should you still stick with your old car? Absolutely. A newer car will mean a newer interest rate, and this one will most likely be higher than your previous rate.

Comfort, reliability, and safety: If you have had relatively few problems with your car in the past, and the vehicle is of good quality, comfortable, and reliable, why turn it in for a newer model? Buying a new car is always a risk, so fixing up your old vehicle is quite often the cheapest and soundest option. Of course, when the repairs begin to cost more than a monthly car payment, or the repairs are almost as much as your car is worth, it is time to ask about our car buying service, in which we give you cash for your old car, whether it is running or not.

Access to quality used parts: Fixing up an older vehicle is oftentimes cheaper than repairing a newer model, as there is a good selection of quality used parts available to you. If you don’t believe us, stop by our salvage yard and see the large selection we have available to you, all at great prices.

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