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Why Your Junk Car Isn’t Worthless

Finding a hidden, valuable treasure at a yard sale is a rush in and of itself. If this rare event has ever happened to you, then you know just how amazing it is to come across something that you know is worth money. And who doesn’t want more money? But what if we told you that you might have something very valuable right under your nose, in your own home? If you have an old car laying around, even if it seems like it is worthless, then you may be sitting on hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But how can that be so? The car is inoperable. It hasn’t been driven in years. The good news is that even if one part doesn’t work, there may be hundreds of others that do. Keep reading to learn more about the potential worth of that car you previously thought was nothing more than a pile of junk.

Unique, Hard to Find Parts

Chances are that you don’t have a newer car sitting on cinder blocks in your yard or rusting away in your shed out back. If you do have an inoperable car waiting to be salvaged somewhere on your property, then it is most likely something that is ten years old or older. While this might seem like it renders the car useless to most people, the truth of the matter is that you might have just what someone is looking for. Older cars contain may hard to find parts that you simply can’t find online or sitting in a junkyard, which are the two places people go when they start looking for used auto parts. They aren’t online, that is, until you put it there. Without knowing it, you may have the corner on a niche in the used auto part market, and it may be laying out in your shed at this very moment.

Common Auto Parts

But what if your vehicle isn’t full of unique parts that fetch ridiculous sums of money by collectors or car owners looking for something that only you can offer them? What if the parts in your junk car are common parts? That is good news, too! If the vehicle in question is full of common parts, then that means there are probably a lot of people in search of those parts. They may not fetch the tidy sum of money that other, more unique parts would, but they may sell faster because so many people are in need of them.

Whole Car Value

What if the old junk vehicle isn’t operable and doesn’t contain parts that you can salvage and sell? Surely it isn’t worth anything then, right? Wrong. Many junkyards accept the entire vehicle so that they can salvage the metal, and they will still pay you money, even if the car appears to be worthless. Some states even have programs that offer you money for your car. They will come tow it away, and give you a tax write off. Explore all of your options before consigning your car to the trash heap; it may be worth more money than you initially think.

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