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Working From Home? Sell Your Car Now!

U Pull N Save pays cash for old cars in Fort Myers, FL. If you’re working from home, we want you to know that today is a great day to sell your old car. The new year is underway, COVID isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you deserve a fresh start. Your living room commute simply doesn’t require a car. If you need more than that to persuade you to sell now, here are ten reasons today is the day to call U Pull N Save:

Cash For Cars Fort Myers FL

  1. Status. Your old car got you back and forth to work, but it probably doesn’t reflect your current status or overall style. You’re a working professional; it’s time to drive a car that matches your position.
  2. Looks. The way your car looks is important. Your old car might have been a perfect commuting car, but since that’s not what you need it for anymore, it’s time to ditch the banged-up vehicle and get a car that looks good.
  3. Use. Maybe you simply don’t need a car that much anymore. Rideshare services and public transportation may be sufficient to meet your needs right now while you’re working from home. You can sell your old car and use this time to save for a new car in the future.
  4. Traffic. Florida traffic is no laughing matter. Taking the bus or an Uber is much less stressful, so sell your car and then sit back and enjoy the ride.
  5. Health. Ditching your old car will give you more opportunities to walk or ride your bike when you need to get around town.
  6. Money. Take a moment to add it up; you’re probably forking out more money than you think keeping that old clunker up and running. Repairs and maintenance on an old car can add up quickly.
  7. Weather. Florida weather is amazing until it isn’t. Stop worrying about how the rain and wind will affect your car and your drive and sell instead.
  8. Gas. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper. Well, sometimes it does get cheaper, but the price always seems to rise back up. Why worry every time you need to fill up your tank? Sell your clunker and skip the gas pump altogether. And remember, newer cars are much more fuel-efficient, so if you still need to drive, upgrading your vehicle will save gas money.
  9. Parking. Unless you’ve got a dedicated garage space, parking is an issue. Are you paying to park your piece of junk? Stop that nonsense and sell. You’ll feel much better about paying for parking if you like the car.
  10. Insurance. Are you insuring a car you hardly ever drive? That’s a pretty compelling reason to sell.

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Sell Today

You can sell your old car today with one phone call to U Pull N Save. We make buying a car for cash in Fort Myers, FL, easy. Pick up the phone and give us some basic information about your vehicle. We’ll give you a quote in less than 10 minutes and schedule a pickup time at your convenience. We’ll even cover towing fees. You can handle the entire transaction from your sofa or home office.

If you want to know more about how we work and what your car is worth, give us a call. We’re here 24/7 and we buy any car in any condition. Call now.

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