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Your Guide for Buying Parts from a Junkyard

When repairing or restoring a vehicle, you know that one of the best ways to save money is to purchase used car parts in Florida. These parts often have very low miles, so you can count on reliability, but the price is considerably lower than ordering and installing new parts. If you’re new to buying parts from a junkyard, there are a few things to remember to make the process easier and more fruitful. Here’s what you need to know.

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Self Serve or Full Service

The first thing to understand is that junkyards are either full service or self serve. Full-service junkyards will locate and pull the items that you need, and all you do is pick up the parts at the front desk. As the name implies, at a self-serve or you-pick junkyard, you find the needed parts and use your own tools to remove them. Self-serve lots are less expensive, and many people prefer to do the exploring themselves, so this is a good option for many.

Specialized Yards

Another important factor when searching for the right junkyard is whether or not you need a specialized junkyard. Many junkyards keep both foreign and domestic vehicles in stock, but some specialize in only domestics while others in only foreign makes. It may save you time to find junkyards that specialize in the specific make or country of origin of the car you’re working on. You can also call the junkyard and ask specifically about the make and model of your car to increase the likelihood of finding the part you need.

How Pulling Works

The most intimidating aspect of part pulling for a beginner is how the whole process works. Unfortunately, you can’t always expect the process to be the same for every junkyard since each organization differs. However, you can expect to sign a release of liability waiver and pay a small entry fee. There is usually a board listing the prices for common parts so that you know what to expect. You can then begin looking for the parts you need. This is easier in a lot that organizes by highest demand, makes, models, or country of origination, but many people find it helpful to spend plenty of time examining the entire lot. This is beneficial because you’ll see that often times there is more than one part that can fit your needs. If you do find multiple options, inspect the part carefully for damage and find the part in the best condition. Sometimes parts can be damaged from the removal of adjacent parts, so be courteous when removing parts to keep surrounding parts useful to others. Then you can take the part to the office and pay.

Buy Parts From a Junkyard

Things to Remember

When you’re going to buy parts from a junkyard, it’s important to remember a few rules that many junkyards have in place. Most of these are for your safety and include things like no alcohol or drug use on the premises, no pets, and a minimum age of 18. Appropriate shoes will also be required to prevent injury from broken glass and sharp metal. Other rules are in place to protect the junkyard and its assets. You will probably be required to have a toolbox inspection and have any parts you’re bringing in marked. This is to help prevent theft or vandalism and also helps you avoid paying for a part that you already had.

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